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Konu: Vu+Duo 2 OpenPli 4.0 Unofficial gstreamer 1.x images 2016-03-10

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    New Icon6 Vu+Duo 2 OpenPli 4.0 Unofficial gstreamer 1.x images 2016-03-10

    Hi there friends,

    I've created a new batch of unofficial OpenPLi-4 images.
    These images are shipping with gstreamer 1.x and some patches which have not been applied to the official images (yet).
    See my previous round of images for more general information:

    Changes since last release:
    - Replaced the official bootlogo with the World Press Photo of 2015:
    "Hope for a New Life" by Warren Richardson.
    - Resynced with master and taapat's oe-core.
    - Gstreamer snapshot upgraded to 1.7.90, except for spark/spark7162 where I ship version 1.6.3.
    Reason for this was the playbin issue which I couldn't solve:
    - FFMpeg upgraded to 3.0 (thx to Taapat for the recipes).
    gstreamer1.0-libav is now compiled against a reduced version of ffmpeg, leaving more free space.
    - Reworked the Dreambox BSP thx to Captain and gjstroom for their work in OE-A.
    Hopefully the DM800Se V2, DM7020HD V2 and DM500HD V2 are now working again.
    If you have such receiver, please test and report back.
    - Added libluray and the blurayplayer plugin by Taapat.
    - Moved EMC plugin back to the feeds.
    - Added Media-button support in keymap.xml thx to .:MarcinO:.
    - Added wifi support for Atemio Nemesis thx to .:MarcinO:.
    - Applied patch to servicemp3.cpp from mx3L to fix possible GSOD on switching audio tracks.
    - Applied patch to servicemp3.cpp from mx3L for faster IPTV zapping.
    - Applied patch to the dvbmediasink from mx3L to fix a possible freeze when seeking mp4 files.
    Please test and report back for me.
    - Applied the linux 2.6.18 vermagic removal patch.
    You should be able to load any kernel module on the DM800 again (use at your own risk).
    - Created images for X Solo Mini 3 and Zgemma Star i55.
    - Created new libeplayer builds for spark/spark7162 based on ffmpeg 3.0 thx to Taapat.
    - Hopefully fixed CrossEPG (untested).
    - Applied christophecvr's patch for setting the debug level.
    You can find the option in the bottom at Menu -> Settings -> User-interface.
    Setting it to "0" will disable eDebug's completely and will give you smoother playback of IPTV streams on slower receivers.

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