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Konu: MastaG's OpenPLi-4 / Gstreamer 1.7.1 ultimo

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    New Icon14 MastaG's OpenPLi-4 / Gstreamer 1.7.1 ultimo

    MastaG's OpenPLi-4 / Gstreamer 1.7.1
    (master git) images 2016-01-0)

    About it .

    all decodeur suported
    date 06/01/2015

    - - - Updated - - -

    Please reflash your receiver since a software update will most likely fail.
    Especially on spark/spark7162.

    Changes since previous release:

    - Gstreamer snapshot updated to 1.7.1:
    * The mp4 issue when playing from remote locations has been fixed upstream, so I've dropped the revert.
    * Libsoup has been updated so I've dropped the revert for the old libsoup as well.
    - DM800Se V2 and DM500HD V2 kernel config has been cleaned and more in sync with PLi's config for the other Dreambox models.
    - More free space by adding a task before do_package_write_ipk which will upx compress some binaries.
    * This should give us a few more MBs to work with (Dreambox *cough*).
    - Major rework of the meta-fulan BSP for spark thanks to Tapaat for helping me out.
    * Now using Tapaat's drivers which fixes the frambuffer (and 22khz?) issue.
    * Enable of the zram module.
    * Shipping his wifi drivers.
    * VFD time is now synced every 5 minutes using a cron job.
    * Software update and plugin-installation has been fixed.
    * Using Tapaat's lirc config for spark and spark7162.
    - The usual batch of dvbmediasink fixes by Christophecvr and mx3L:
    * A brand new divx/xvid bitstream unpacker by mx3L should fix playback of avi files with wrong fourcc.
    - Libsoup has been updated to 2.52 (from master-next).
    - Refactor wifi drivers a bit on Linux 2.6.18, not auto-loading the mt7600 anymore, the correct driver should hopefully be loaded when you plugin your wifi stick.

    Changes compared to openpli-oe-core gst-1:

    - Ships with gstreamer upstream master git:
    Using the same patches as openpli-oe-core gst-1 with only these changes:
    Removed: 0001-baseparse-post-tag-list-when-avg-bitrate-changes-at-.patch
    because this patch was already checked in upstream.
    - Every receiver uses christophecvr's multibox dvbmediasink.
    - Libsoup has been updated to 2.52 (from master-next).
    - Using libtrmp and rtmpdump from oe-alliance.
    - Some small enigma2 patches for Dreambox receivers (ac3/dts bypass and blanking on zap support).
    These are only applied for Dreambox receivers.
    - AAC to AC3 transcoding V2 by mx3L (requires a fast cpu).
    - IPTV Player from samsamsam included (thx to Athoik for the recipe).
    - Large list of public IPTV streams included thanks to the Japhar Team.
    - Updated libcdio and cdtextinfo for audio-cd support by christophecvr.
    - DM800Se, DM7020HD and DM800SeV2 driver upgraded to 20151201:
    added si2166b blindscan support.
    - Using aio-grab source from oe-alliance which includes fixes for spark receivers.

    Known issues:

    - DM800 first boot will take a while, please be patient. The next boot will be faster.
    - On spark/spark7162 you need to set 'boxtype = dreambox' for oscam dvbapi.
    Please use 'duckbox' instead.
    - On Zgemma Star you cannot use full HD skins.
    This is a hardware/driver limitation.
    Please don't try it, it will crash enigma2.
    - Some Dreambox remotes may behave very sensitive.
    This causes button presses to register multiple times instead of just once.
    As a workaround you can adjust the *** interval:
    Go to: Menu - System - Input devices - dreambox remote control (native).
    Set "Change repeat and delay settings" to yes
    Set "Interval between **** when repeating:" to 200ms or 300ms.
    Press green button (OK)
    Now set the same delay for: "dreambox advanced remote control (native)" as well.

    - Linux 2.6.18: Create a plugin / ppanel to select which Realtek/Ralink driver to load on startup (eg. rt3070, rt55xx, mt7600), since they cannot be loaded at the same time.
    - Linux 2.6.18: Look into the v4l usb drivers.
    - Add Spark specific plugins by gorski.
    - Add meta-ini from OE-Alliance and shape it up for openpli-oe-core.

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    tşkler buna backup verebilirmisiniz. ip tv için en iyi PLI diyorlar denemek isterim

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    Alıntı Orijinal Mesaj Sahibi uludere72 Mesajı Göster
    tşkler buna backup verebilirmisiniz. ip tv için en iyi PLI diyorlar denemek isterim
    En iyi iptvde atv ve atv tabanlı imajlarıdır.

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    ozaman bir atv deneyeyim. bh ve vti kullandım surekli aslinda vti adnda memnunum ancak bazen takiliyor du gstreaö 1.7 li atv backup varmi ?
    Düzenleyen uludere72 : 11-01-2016 at 20:38

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    Emre dost paylaşım için teşekkürler.Yabancı sitelerden indirilen bacuplar güzel de FTP bağlantı şifresini bilemediğim için yüklediğim çoğu bacupu geri silmek zorunda kaldım.Çünkü server bilgileri yüklenemiyor.Çevrim dışı eklenti kurulamıyor.En basitinden kanal listesi bile yüklenemiyor.. Ah birde onun standartı olsa..Haklı olarak her team kendine göre bir FTP kodu kullanıyor..:wave::wave:

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    Unofficial- Gstreamer images 2016-05 -based on- OpenPLi 4

    - Najnowszy GStreamer migawki na podstawie przepisów z christophecvr:
    * Prawidłowe ustalenie dla HLS wysypać na przystanku
    * Re-umożliwić poszukiwania RTMP i potencjalny wysypać poprawkę
    * Gstreamer1.0-libav jest teraz zbudowany przeciwko systemu ffmpeg zamiast (ta różni się od receptur chri użytkownika) *
    * łaty dvbmediasink dla Vu Solo 4K, hd1265 i HD1500 z OE-sojuszu
    - FFMpeg zaktualizowany do 3.0.2 i jest obecnie instalowany domyślnie *
    - Backporty do Enigma2 dla SH4 (głównie servicemp3.cpp pokrewne)
    - Fix EPG na odbiornikach SH4
    - Exteplayer3 jest teraz domyślnie instalowany, dziękuję mx3L i samsamsam *
    - Gstplayer jest teraz domyślnie instalowany, dziękuję mx3L i samsamsam
    - MediaTomb jest obecnie w paszach
    - MediaPlayer2 jest teraz domyślnie instalowany, dziękuję mx3L
    - SubsSupport (dla MediaPlayer2) jest teraz domyślnie instalowany, dziękuję mx3L
    - Nie bardziej rosyjski tuxtxt
    - Teraz można ustawić poziom debugowania ponownie w menu ustawień UI, dziękuję christophecvr
    - Ostatnie zmiany Enigma2, dziękuję OpenPLi
    - Ostatnie zmiany openpli-oe-core, dziękuję OpenPLi
    - ServiceApp, dziękuję mx3L !!!

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