Clean and Faster image For Internal and External Flash

Patched Under Ubunut

-Patched to SuperSim
-Patched Enigma2 (By RAED)
-Patched Webinterface
-Patched Software Manager
-Added & Patched WireLess
-Added Japhar Addons Manager 5.2

How to Download Cams:
Menu > Plugins > Japhar Addons Manager 5.2 > Cams Oozoon

How to Active Cams:
Blue Button > User Scripts > Then:
select User Script = Name of cams (
select User Script option = start & enable autostart
Then Green Button (Execute)

About remote control How to adjustment >>
input device
press ok to dreambox remote control (native) and adjustment as you like ..

How to Download IPTV Channels:
Menu > Plugins > Japhar Addons Manager 5.2 > IPTV and OpenPLI 4.0 Plugins/Tools

Warning:Don't Make Update Online