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Konu: VU+OPenPlus 1.0 Final vuolo2

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    New Icon14 VU+OPenPlus 1.0 Final vuolo2

    VU+OPenPlus 1.0 Final

    OPENPLUS 1.0 - Public
    Openplus is a firmware from TV decoders (DTT/SAT/CABLE) based on open source software Enigma2.
    OPENPLUS is based on open source code enigma2 published by OpenAtv and other authors.
    This image does not contain ****, emulators or other systems that allow viewing without a active subscription.

    Openplus consists of a set of software from multiple authors with various licenses are available on each package.
    All code generated by the team of Open-Plus, is licensed under GPL.
    As indicated in the license this software comes with no guarantee.

    Feature Highlights:
    - Skin Openplus as default skin.
    - Skin optional Metrix-lb based on the skin of the same name.
    - LbPanel (specific version openplus)
    - Translated into Spanish by 99.9%
    - Including the latest drivers from the manufacturers.
    - Lbtunerserver, share your network channels, SmarTV, mobile, tablet, pc ...
    - Skinparts for skin OpenplusHd and MyMetrix
    - Downloads Team, Bootlogos, spinners, picon and more.
    - 7 days EPG from the satellite or from our server.
    - In Lbpanel you'll find, peer analysis, free memory, NTP synchronization, Creation Swap ...
    Auto update image and channel lists. (Only lists that come with image)

    Function buttons:
    Red = Lbpanel
    Rojo_largo = Softemus (with extraappstore)
    Green = Menu Plugin
    Long Green = Resolution
    Blue = Quick Menu
    Long Blue = Extensions Menu


    Thanks to OpenAtv team for the development of multiple code
    Thanks to the team of OpenSpa for the development of the code for 7 days epg M+
    Thanks to forum for housing and feeds
    Thanks to all the developments and beta testers of openplus. ​
    Link OK

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    daha hızlı indirmek isteyenler için link

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