OpenLD 2.1 Beta

As you all know, my current connection is a bloody waste, it is impossible to speed up anything so painful. A few months ago had a fiber optic 200/30 whereby when upload something because almost no one noticed, now made me a world, so much so that I did not finish up the repo 1.9 and by the way that either I'll get with the 2.0. So I decided to spend all the dedicated server, eliminating the sources and compilations already made, although I take a couple of days, then from the server I can compile everything much faster and upload it already and I tell you. That said, I did a test version 2.1 (not final versions) which has no repos not uploaded, but it brings introduced the system of weekly EPG (Thanks mate Azazyel to focus on the idea of the image panel and IQAS OpenPLus group for routine progress bar EPG). We have corrected the problems I have been discussing and reporting (at least I think according to tests performed) . I changed the version of GStreamer, Samba, models got older but more stable drivers and so almost everything. Have solved the problems of Youtube are not reproduced, with channels like IPTV models, and some other little thing but right now I do not remember all the fuss about this. The issue is that it seems much more stable than 2.0, really. And it would be a shame to get lost in time all this, unfortunately can not be dedicating much time as I would like this (and look I like, but I can not stand viéndomelas come again). It is not a final version , nor is either for all decos, only for those who see there, so if you want to try, and so to test them because helluva way. No what will it take and when will have the final version of the 2.1, as they have come to me many things, and do not know where it will all end and before leaving forgotten what has been done since I decide to share and who will serve as welcome it. In this thread I will comment updates as progress with it and the link you'll you can find the images to be pulling for testing. There was also thinking of adding a new skin, or at least modify the current, but back to the same ... Neither time nor permits can be viéndomelas come sit here 24 hours without Do nothing. If I lived in this as would dawn, but not live it or anything like that sum ... I leave the Test versions on that link and you will comment if I move something here ... I want to carry OpenLD SH4 and ARM, but that return to the same, need time and is the only thing I do not have unfortunately. Things did not go back to how they should go and finally ... that I do not deviate from the main theme. Versions Test: Index of / Test (nonfunctional Repos, image TEST) also added to tell you that Google adsense advertising on the web of and do not know if it help that seeing visits both have ... From little can serve. But if I do not know what I can. NA is a simple minibanner in the odyssey and customizable banner on each screen in the of openld, I hope you do not bother and if so to pull adblock. And no kids, that when it can will have heard from me here on the image and its progress. I wanted to upload a video and others to discuss this and other things going around, but one side is the connection I have it sucks on the other we have the situation that happened now and above all that it is I removed the desire to get to do anything else, it is more is that it blocks your coconut and can not think clearly at all. I have to finish settle other issues before all this and at the same time solving problems and more problems. A greeting and if they prove 2.1 (TEST) that you will tell me that. Thank you for taking your time

Blue Panel Blue button >> OpenLD
Green button >> Plugins
Green Button Green Button >> ADDONS >>
Red Button Blue Button >> Services >>
Yellow Button Sound >> Configure
Red Button >> Electronic Program Guide