Latest updates from LT Team...!!!

Release Notes:

Due to flash memory lack to lower models, some of the pre-installed LT-Addons are not in the image. Download what you want with caution in order not to be run out of memory to your receivers, or you will have to re-install from scratch.

Once again, i would like to remind to all our fans out there, that a new skin is NOT a new image, and a new image doesn't always have to carry a new skin!!!

OE 2.0

dm800 20120518
dm500hd, dm800se, dm8000, dm7020hd 20120711

dm500hd, dm800, dm800se, dm8000 #84
dm7020hd #86


20120913 master

LT revision:

LT updates:
Removed LTDjMount and LTUshare plugins. (uShare and djmount does not exist
in OE 2.0 since uPnP is now part of Enigma2)
News in LTExternalEPG:
- Now using eTimer instead of crontab (No need to restart enigma2
enabling/disabling LTExternalEPG)
- Use <> in option "Grabbing Time" to start "EPG Timer Selection"
- Removed option "Grab every n days" (not needed anymore)
- New option to save log as xml (crashlog-like)
- Fixed bug where FATAL error didn't count grabbed channels correctly.
- New xmltv-grabber tvzon
- removed unavailable grabbers and grabber-configs
* dagenstv_no
* hallandsposten
* vg
* nova
* ambrosa
- updated grabber_db.xml.gz

Important note(s):
If you use ltlinks, be aware that the configuration file is now called lt9links.cfg and please start with a fresh one!

Known issue(s):