CuBiC 2.0 Public Beta Build 010


enigma2 Base OpenPli 3
CuBIC Core - based on openPli 3.0
Linux Kernel - Vu+ 3.1.1, Dreambox 3.2.25, Xtrend 3.4.3
DLNA Server
UPNP Browser
Online Update
CuBiC HD Skin
Share Bar with gBox Support
YAMP Music Player
Multi Language Support in our Panel (Ungarian, German, (Russian with Build 011) (We search for translators)
Online Feed

Here is the public release from CuBiC 2.0 build 010.
The Image use Online Updates and you can if we release an new Build make an Update over our Panel.
Should an update failures, which can happen from time to time, so you can use the flash image that we deposit at any online update in our ULC.
With the Online Update feature will we give Long Time Support for our Images and we will make it with every Update an little bit better.

If you find Bugs, so can you use our Bugtracker.

For Hardware:
DM500 HD
DM7020 HD
DM800 SE
VU+ Solo
Xtrend et5x00
Xtrend et6x00
Xtrend et9x00


Build 010:

From openPLI Team:
All PLi Updates incl. Wed, 29 Aug 2012 21:16:30

From DaCube Team:
Change: Addon Manager to seperate Call Menü
Fix: epg.dat HDD Spin problem
Fix: Startproblem scam, gbox, mgcamd (Install from our Feed or use our offline Cam Package)
Fix: BackupSuite was not working
Fix: CronManager
Change: OnlineUpdate shows now installable Packages before an upgrade runs
New: YAMP integrated
Remove: MediaPlayer