Beta Version

Date: 2012-08-22 07:16
Enigma2: 3.999git20120808-r7.0
Distro: opendreambox 2.0.0
Machine: Dreambox dm7020hd

MD5:a2b023a2f1f3dd4fe78b00636e 6ee7c7
SHA256: 534e5b036916360456cf5611d24c39 112da388f548565d90823583ab12ff d400

Genuine image with the Last CVS

Creatori immagini
°°[email protected]°°
Sviluppatore del blue panel
Beta tester
°°[email protected]°°

many updates fix DMM

Fix Eventname
Add HbbTV Applications
New bootlogo demonisat
inserted manually install for the mips32el ipk
New skin default vanity
Thanks mmark
modified team demonisat

Restarting Gui di default

Nessuna emu o configurazione a bordo ne per emu ne per cardserver,tutto e' comunque scaricabile online e gestibile dal nuovo Blue Panel Demonisat.

un doveroso grazie agli autori dei vari plugin skin patch etc etc

New Blue Panel demonisat
You'll find everything you need
for the operation of the image

We recommend that you do not update software
possible to image in flash

No emus or configuring it on board for it to cardserver emus, and all 'still manageable and can be downloaded online from the new Blue Panel demonisat.

thanks to the authors of the various skin patch plugins etc etc !!

please select DHCP to automatically
to download from the panel demonisat
per favore seleziona il DHCP in automatico
per poter scaricare dal pannello demonisat