This is the latest *stock* Ice Cream Sandwich & HTC Sense 4.1 UI build 2.17.401.2 for HTC One X (codename: Endeavor)

  • Completely stock
  • Not rooted with possibility to root (with Rooting Tools)
  • No busybox included with possibility to add busybox (with Rooting Tools)
  • 100% pure stock ROM from HTC
  • Target device: HTC One X (PJ4610000)

Software info:
  • HTC update build 2.17.401.2
  • Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4 (IMM76D)
  • HTC Sense 4.1
  • Release status: release-**** (final)
  • Kernel:
  • With odexed version you can download and flash OTA from HTC (you need stock boot.img and recovery.img as well)

Rooting Tools:
  • Latest SuperSu with su binary
  • BusyBox with installation command
  • For both odexed and deodexed variants
  • For all ROMs posted in this thread

(MD5: 6D8A419538A83722A1619DD8B4BEC3C1)

(MD5: 8BFEB447377164809CBA8FA3E35ECAF1)

(MD5: DA211F8270E75C7DB3DC11699BDADFDE)

(MD5: 85D544EE5D2F29E13DB3690FB4983672)

(MD5: D1646BA25E6C26462DE4ECDCFF3E4A59)