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This is a public beta image for testing purposes only!!! Feel free to test to your E2 capable Dreamboxes. Due to flash memory lack to lower models, some of the pre-installed LT-Addons are not in the image. Download what you want with caution in order not to be run out of memory to your receivers, or you will have to re-install from scratch.

If you like, give us feedback in order to make this image better.

Once again, i would like to remind to all our fans out there, that a new skin is NOT a new image, and a new image doesn't always have to carry a new skin!!!

OE 2.0

dm800 20120518
dm500hd, dm800se, dm8000, dm7020hd 20120711

dm500hd, dm800, dm800se, dm8000 #84
dm7020hd #86


20120808 master

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