Enigma2: Release 3.0.3
Machine: Dreambox dm7025
Date: 20101216
Issuer: Dream Multimedia
MD5: 6de0c64aadb741aac6c179ef5d6853d0
enigma2 (20101116 rel30 -> 20101216 rel30)
fixed turning motorized dish with disabled input power measurement
don't send DiSEqC repeats in advanced tuner configuration when DiSEqC 1.0 is configured
(this can fix some tune failed problems when advanced tuner config is used)

improved mobile phone like character input
fixed bug in enigma2 main config class (this fixes some broken plugins)

[Software Manager]
allow hotplug devices as backup locations
don't wait forever when network is not reachable on update

updated some translations

updated enigma2-plugins to more current checkout version (20101213 rel30)
updated enigma2-skins to more current checkout version (20101211 rel30)

hardware drivers (20101111 -> 20101208)
fixed bcm4505/06 signal problems after few seconds on Astra 19.2 tp 11914H 27500 9/10